Terms of use of Promocheck - ПРОМОЧЕК

Terms of use of Promocheck

  1. The Promocheck should be presented in the respective Promotion Spot when ordering / selecting the goods before the cash receipt is printed. If it is shown after the fiscal completion of the purchase the Promotion Extra may be refused and the Promocheck can be used at next order;
  2. The Bearer of the Promocheck uses the Promotion Extra;
  3. For one purchase / order may be used only 1 (one) Promocheck at the relevant site;
  4. Promotion Extras / discounts cannot be summed/accumulated based on the number of Promochecks;
  5. Promotion Extras / discounts do not apply to internal actions at the Promotion Spot such as promotions, sales, Happy Hours, etc. In such cases, the Bearer of the Promocheck decides on how to take an advantage;
  6. Promochecks that include a free gift or Promotion extra, are activated only when making purchase / order at the relevant site;
  7. If the discount or gift are not provided at a site, the corresponding Promocheck Bearer has the right to cancel the order / purchase if it is not consumed yet;
  8. In case of unfounded refusal, contrary to the rules of the Promocheck and the use of Promotion Extras, the Bearer is obliged to inform the Issuer about the relevant site and problem.